Within the Perth CBD, travel is easy – the public transport is free! You can travel on any bus for free within a given radius from the Perth CBD. For free public transport within the Perth CBD, you can either catch one of the three Central Area Transport (CAT) buses OR any of the Transperth buses:

CAT Buses

Each of the three Perth City CAT buses (Blue CAT, Red CAT, Yellow CAT) offer a regular bus service within the city free of charge. The CAT buses are silver in colour and travel around the greater city area every five to ten minutes during weekdays from 6.50am to 6.20pm, with reduced services at every fifteen to thirty minutes on weekends. In certain areas in the city, you can find a silver pillar CAT bus stop that provides you with a list of the scheduled stops, and an information button to press which advises in real time when the next bus is due at that stop. CAT buses operate on red, blue, and yellow routes that correspond to different areas and travel along the main roads in the city.

The Blue CAT south/north route journeys near the accommodation along Mounts Bay Road and then travels through the Perth CBD via the conference venue before it heads into the entertainment and cultural precinct of Northbridge. The Red and Yellow CAT west/east routescover the length of the Perth CBD, taking you between West Perth and East Perth. The CAT buses generally travel the routes within the Perth CBD that are not catered for by the standard metropolitan Transperth buses. (Note: there is also an Orange CAT that travels within Fremantle town (20 km south of Perth CBD).

Transperth Buses

You can travel for free on any of the standard Transperth buses (that are green and silver or white in colour) anywhere within the Perth CBD and greater city area only. If traveling further afield eg. to the suburbs, coast, hills, or Fremantle town, then standard Transperth bus fees will apply. Given that the CAT buses don’t travel along the main Perth CBD Terraces (St Georges and Adelaide Terraces), the Transperth buses are particularly useful if your accommodation is located on or near St Georges and Adelaide Terraces. For example, along the Terraces, you can travel on Bus Numbers 37, 24 or 103 for a free ride from East Perth to West Perth, or Kings Park and Botanic Garden (Western Australias’ premier botanic garden).

Note: When boarding a Transperth bus, you will need to indicate to the driver that you are traveling within the Perth CBD and greater city area only, to ensure that you travel for free.