Abstracts for contributed oral and poster presentations are now being called. For indivudals interested in presenting a contributed oral or poster, please read the guidelines below carefully.Proposals for symposia, organized oral sessions, special sessions, and workshops are no longer being called.

Abstracts for contributed oral and poster presentations:
  • Abstracts will need to be sent via the electronic submission form that is now available on-line (please see link below).
  • Abstracts will need to address the themes of the conference.
  • Abstracts should briefly introduce the study topic, outline the major findings and the conclusions.
  • Abstracts will need to be included inside the box of the electronic submission form and willconform to the preset format. To avoid any text loss, we recommend that you create your abstract in a word processing program such as Word, and once complete, please copy and paste into the abstract box.
  • Abstracts will be limited to 250 words.
  • Abstracts will be reviewed by the Program Chair and Organizing Committee.
  • Abstracts not conforming to instructions will be rejected.
  • Once abstracts are reviewed, authors will be notified of the status of acceptance.
  • The Chair and Committee reserves the right to limit the number of presentations and change the presentation type from oral to poster presentation.
  • More than one abstract can be submitted. To ensure maximum participation, each individual is allowed to present only one oral presentation, however, an individual may be a co-author on several abstracts for oral presentations. There will be no limit on the number of poster presentations that the main author can present. Please use the electronic submission form for each submission by sending the proposed abstracts independently.
  • Before submitting an abstract, authors should be confident that they will be attending the meeting and making the presentation. If circumstances prevent attendance, the author should attempt to find another individual to make the presentation.