The pre-conference and post-conference multi-day field trips will be a floral extravaganza for many delegates as they are taken into the very heart of a wildflower wonderland within a global biodiversity hotspot. For example, two national parks to be visited on the pre-conference field trip each host more plant species than the entire flora of the British Isles!

Both multi-day field trips will capitalise on many of the botanical wonders of Western Australia during the southern hemisphere spring – the pre-conference trip will showcase the spectacular shrubland flora of the drier and warmer northern sandplains and the post-conference trip will showcase the forest and shrubland of the wetter and cooler southwest region.

Aside from the official post-conference multi-day field trip, Angela Wardell-Johnson is organising a post-conference field trip for ‘Sense of Place’ session speakers. This field trip is known as the ‘Sensing Place Post-Conference Tour’. For speakers in Angela’s session, please email her direct for further details.


Pre-Conference Field Trip

Post-Conference Field Trip