perth-australia-travelPerth, the capital city of the state of Western Australia, provides an ideal destination for SER International conference delegates. Located within Australia’s only global biodiversity hotspot, Perth is the centre for major national restoration initiatives, supporting and undertaking some of the most significant restoration programs in the country. Indeed, Western Australia is one of the most productive and diversified mineral and energy regions in the world, hosting 560 commercial mineral projects and 1222 operating mines – in other words, restoration is big business in Western Australia.

The conference will provide an international focus for the world-class restoration issues and initiatives underway in Western Australia while exposing SER International delegates to their first meeting in a southern hemisphere global bioidiversity hotspot, world-renowned for its unique flora and fauna with 90% of species endemism, and acknowledged to support half of Australia’s rich plant life. The southwest region surrounding Perth boasts the greatest plant diversity in the state with ancient landscapes supporting some of the world’s botanical marvels.

perth-from-airFrom first appearances, Perth seems to be a small, easy-going city blessed with an abundance of natural attributes – the bluest of skies, the commanding Swan River, Indian Ocean sunsets, some of the best beaches in the world only 15 minutes from the city and, according to many visitors, the friendliest inhabitants.



With little in the way of traffic, a mediterranean climate, fantastic seafood including local specialities such as fresh-water lobster known as marron and the bountiful wine regions of the State’s south-west close by, Perth is a hedonist’s paradise. No wonder The Economist magazine in 2006 rated it among the top most livable cities in the world.

Perth’s most valuable commodities may be a relaxed pace of life and the great outdoors complimented by some of the world’s greatest wildflowers – but don’t let that fool you. Below the surface of this laidback city (the second fastest growing capital in Australia) is one of the best performing economies in the world, with annual growth at 9.1% and unemployment the lowest in Australia. With more self-made millionaires per capita than any other capital city in the world, the good times are rolling on for many Perth residents who are responsible for the record levels of retail spending.

perth-australiaThe city now boasts elegant restaurants, hip nightclubs, swanky cocktail bars and gentrified hotels benefiting from the growing crowd of fashion conscious clients with retailers such as Gucci, Tiffany and Hugo Boss opening their doors in the city’s West End with more luxury goods retailers rumoured to follow.


The economic prosperity has seen the rise of creative industries – fashion, jewellery, architecture, film and television, music and design – but much of the focus remains on industries such as mining and energy.

Serviced by over 300 air-services per week, travelling to Perth is seamless. Delegates will have many choices for travelling to Perth in 2009.


Kings Park and Botanic Garden, located adjacent to the Perth CBD, is one of Western Australia’s heritage icons with the Botanic Garden providing a gateway to Western Australia’s extraordinary flora. It boasts outstanding views of the city, Swan River and Darling Ranges and is Australia’s most visited site with 5 million visitors annually coming into the gardens. With over 400 hectares of botanic garden, natural bushland, recreational areas and playgrounds, Kings Park and Botanic Garden is the most popular visitor destination in Western Australia.


Kingsley Dixon (Chair)
Grant Wardell-Johnson
John Koch
Jason Stevens
Deanna Rokich
Shane Turner
David Merritt
Siegy Krauss
Ben Miller
Viki Cramer
Lucy Commander
Annette Johnson